Montgomery Makes a Weird Take On Pastrnak

Published October 17, 2023 at 7:23 PM
David Pastrnak's astounding penalty shot for the Boston Bruins left fans in wonder, prompting a unique comparison from head coach Jim Montgomery. Montgomery likened Pastrnak's shot to the iconic pitching style of Red Sox Hall of Famer Luis Tiant, known for his unconventional delivery during his Boston tenure from 1971 to 1978.

Tiant acknowledged this unexpected connection on social media, expressing his appreciation, saying,
"I like this! Many pitchers have been compared to me over the years, but never in hockey – that was beautiful."

After the Bruins' victory against the Nashville Predators, Pastrnak revealed that his inspiration for the shot came from playing floorball in Europe. Despite prior unsuccessful attempts with this technique, it proved effective for his third goal of the season. This new dimension in his game could prove valuable as Boston's offense adapts to a new era in its centennial season. Tiant, who narrowly missed entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame multiple times, may find new inspiration in becoming a role model for athletes beyond baseball, potentially boosting his Hall of Fame case.

Source bruinsinsider
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Montgomery Makes a Weird Take On Pastrnak

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