NHL Insider Opens Up About Personal Health Struggles

Published October 2, 2023 at 12:16
Aaron Portzline, a prominent NHL insider known for his Columbus Blue Jackets coverage, recently revealed a deeply personal battle with severe kidney failure. His Stage 5 kidney failure diagnosis comes with an urgent need for a kidney transplant to secure his future.

In an open and candid message on social media, Portzline shared his health struggles, stemming from a genetic kidney disease diagnosed several years ago. His condition has deteriorated in recent months, leading to reliance on frequent dialysis for survival.

Portzline expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support received from the medical community, including the Ohio State transplant team, Dr. Rima Kang, and the dialysis nurses at Fresenius Kidney Care.

Beyond his personal challenges, Portzline's disclosure serves a dual purpose. Firstly, he informed his dedicated readers that coverage of the Columbus Blue Jackets for The Athletic might face occasional disruptions during the upcoming season due to his health. However, understanding editors and colleagues stand ready to step in.

Secondly, Portzline aims to raise awareness about the critical need for organ donation, especially kidneys. He highlighted the substantial demand for donors, with around 100,000 Americans awaiting transplants, the majority needing kidneys.

Portzline emphasized that one healthy kidney can support a full life and expressed gratitude for potential donors who have come forward. He urged individuals to consider becoming organ donors through various avenues, emphasizing that anyone has the potential to save a life through this selfless act.

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