Ron MacLean Shares Insights on the End of Coach's Corner

Austin Sabourin
August 20, 2023  (5:41 PM)

Approaching nearly four years since the departure of Don Cherry and Coaches Corner from Hockey Night in Canada, Ron MacLean, the other half of the iconic duo, has chosen to open up about the show's exit. Coaches Corner had been a mainstay in Canadian hockey households for generations.

Unveiling the Behind-the-Scenes
During a recent podcast interview, MacLean provided insight into the circumstances surrounding the sudden conclusion of Coaches Corner. He acknowledged that while Cherry had a unique ability to connect with viewers and understand their preferences, the show was held to different standards. MacLean recognized that the show's journey might have naturally come to a close.
"Grapes was skilled at connecting with his audience and understanding their desires — he excelled in that aspect — but we're now held to different criteria or standards, and I'm not sure if we could have extended it much further," MacLean shared. He also expressed his relief that people didn't overwhelmingly react with anger towards Cherry's comments. "They should have — don't get me wrong. You can't generalize people based on their origins. We were in the wrong, and a simple apology would have resolved it; we would have moved forward positively. But people didn't react that strongly. It wasn't the worst thing ever said in the history of humanity, so he left on a high note, and people miss him. It's a rather pleasant way to bow out."

The incident mentioned pertains to the event that led to Cherry's departure from the show.
Navigating a Complex Landscape
MacLean's viewpoint might not align with everyone, but his willingness to address the incident from his own perspective showcases his intention to handle a challenging situation in the way he deemed appropriate.
Balancing Loyalties
While acknowledging Don Cherry's status as a beloved figure on a national level, MacLean's choice to discuss the incident highlights the intricate balance between personal relationships and professional obligations. The intricate dynamics between long-standing co-hosts and friends adds layers of complexity to the scenario.
As time continues to pass, Ron MacLean's honesty offers insights into the hurdles faced and decisions made during a period that left a lasting impact on Canadian hockey broadcasting.
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Ron MacLean Shares Insights on the End of Coach's Corner

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