Some Of David Pastrnak's Best Goals During Their Historic Run

Published May 25, 2023 at 8:54

David Pastrnak, the sensational talent of the Boston Bruins, has earned the admiration of his peers and secured a spot as a finalist for the prestigious Hart Trophy. Despite fierce competition from the incredibly skilled Connor McDavid, this 26-year-old Czech Republic native delivered an exceptional season, smashing personal records with 61 goals for the Bruins during their historic campaign.

Let's celebrate these nominations and anticipate many more unforgettable moments from Pastrnak during his promising eight-year tenure with Boston. Here's a glimpse at some of his extraordinary goals.

On February 20, Pastrnak scored his 41st goal of the season against the Ottawa Senators. Assisted by Charlie McAvoy, who displayed remarkable determination even while on his knees, Pastrnak embarked on a solo dash towards the net. After a brief hesitation, he outwitted Senators' goaltender Kevin Mandolese, securing his second goal of the game and contributing to the Bruins' triumph.

Pastrnak's 53rd goal, which took place on March 30 against the Columbus Blue Jackets, proved to be the game-winning overtime goal. Hampus Lindholm delivered a breathtaking pass, and Pastrnak demonstrated immense patience as he maneuvered in front of the net, ultimately deceiving Blue Jackets' goaltender Michael Hutchinson and skillfully placing the puck behind him.

During the Bruins' seventh consecutive win on November 3, Pastrnak scored his eighth goal of the season against the New York Rangers. Positioned near the bottom of the faceoff circle, he unleashed a powerful shot that confounded Rangers' goaltender Igor Shesterkin, rebounding off the post and astonishing the opposing bench as it found its way into the net.

In a match against the San Jose Sharks on January 7, Pastrnak netted his 28th goal of the season. Showcasing the finesse of the Bruins' power-play unit, he received a pass from Brad Marchand and swiftly glided towards the center of the ice. With remarkable precision, he found an opening in the defense and defeated goaltender James Reimer, securing a crucial road victory for the team.

On December 13, Pastrnak delivered a mesmerizing shootout goal against the New York Islanders. Displaying his skillful execution, including a stutter step, backhand maneuver, and a forehand finish, he showcased an extraordinary top-shelf goal past goaltender Semyon Varlamov. Although shootout goals do not contribute to season totals, this particular goal proved to be the game-winner in the Bruins' 15th home win.

Honorable mention goes to a goal in Game 6 against the Florida Panthers, despite it ending in defeat for the Bruins. This goal, resembling a captivating circus act, will forever be remembered as an exceptional moment in Pastrnak's illustrious career.

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Some Of David Pastrnak's Best Goals During Their Historic Run

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