Surprise Statement From Montgomery On Top Prospect

Published September 29, 2023 at 1:48 PM
As the dust settles from this summer's NHL contract deals and training camp opens with hopefuls on tryouts, the Boston Bruins find themselves with limited room for emerging talent. However, there's one young player who has a promising shot at securing a spot on the NHL roster right out of training camp: 22-year-old defenseman Mason Lohrei.

Lohrei has consistently demonstrated his readiness for the NHL, impressing during last summer's development camp and the recent Prospect Showcase in Buffalo. Meanwhile, Matthew Poitras, a 19-year-old with potential as a top-6 center, faces a challenging task to maintain his performance level as camp unfolds.

Lohrei's impact was undeniable in his NHL preseason debut in Buffalo this week. He led the team in ice time, logging around 25 minutes and frequently squaring off against Buffalo's top players. It's a clear indicator that Lohrei could become a key figure to watch as the Bruins make their final roster decisions for the upcoming season.

The decision ahead poses a significant challenge for Coach Montgomery and the Bruins, as Lohrei has the potential to make a valuable contribution to the team's lineup this year.

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Surprise Statement From Montgomery On Top Prospect

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