Swayman Draws Inspiration from Former Bruins Goaltender

Published August 30, 2023 at 2:21 PM

During his recent appearance on the Empty Netters Podcast, Boston Bruins' rising star Jeremy Swayman opened up about his goaltending influences and his unique approach to stopping pucks.

When asked about the goaltenders he looks up to, Swayman showcased his wide-ranging admiration for various players. He mentioned,
"I like to look at different goalies and model my game after multiple different goalies. Definitely, Holtby, I was looking at the Carey Price's, the Ben Bishop's, Tuukka Rask's, Pekka Rinne's and like Jonathan Quick's obviously."
This collection of names highlights Swayman's appreciation for a variety of styles, demonstrating his versatile approach to the position.

Swayman emphasized his visual learning style, saying,
"I saw them and the tendencies that they had and how they accepted plays and just their compete level, their skating ability, all-out effort to stop the puck, I just wanted to model my game after that."
His keen observation of the goaltenders' techniques, combined with their dedication to making every save, has shaped his playing style.

Swayman doesn't conform to the mold of a typical goaltender. As he puts it, he's not a "cookie cutter goaltender." He thrives on the excitement of doing whatever it takes to block shots, embracing the challenge in unique ways.
"I just black out and have the most fun,"
Swayman shared. This unorthodox mindset is a testament to his dedication to the game and his determination to make every moment on the ice an enjoyable one.
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Swayman Draws Inspiration from Former Bruins Goaltender

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