Swayman Shares Story Behind The Hug Tradition with Ullmark

Published August 18, 2023 at 10:09 PM

Meet Jeremy Swayman, the powerhouse goaltender who constitutes one half of the indomitable Boston Bruins goaltending duo. His mastery on the ice is only matched by his role as the driving force behind the heartwarming goalie hug tradition.

The captivating narrative of this distinctive tradition unfolded during a spirited conversation with the engaging hosts, Dan and Chris Powers, on their widely followed "Empty Netters" podcast.

In a burst of enthusiasm, Swayman illuminated the origins of the goalie hug phenomenon, a saga that has entranced fans far and wide.

«Hugging goalies has been my thing since my college days,» Swayman revealed with a hint of secrecy. «Not widely known, but I've always cherished the camaraderie among goaltenders. The goalie-to-goalie relationship is truly exceptional. With just one net up for grabs, it's a fierce competition. Sometimes, personalities clash, but I saw it as an opportunity to elevate each other's game.»

Retracing his journey, Swayman recounted the inception of the now-iconic goalie hug with his fellow net-minder, Linus Ullmark.

«Our connection was instantaneous,» Swayman reminisced. «I sensed his awesomeness, his competitive spirit, and knew we'd make great partners. The hug came naturally. During training camp, it emerged spontaneously. Seeing what it has become today, surpassing our wildest imaginations, and witnessing its resonance within the fan base and the broader hockey community, has been incredibly special.»

When delving into his goaltending style, Swayman confessed to amalgamating influences from an array of goaltending legends, including Carey Price, Ben Bishop, Pekka Rinne, and former Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask.

«Being a visual learner, I've drawn insights from watching them,» Swayman explained thoughtfully. «I don't confine myself to a single style. I adapt to each situation to thwart that puck. It's when I derive the most joy—those moments of instinctive reaction. The sheer thrill of being that final barrier is unparalleled.»

As the Bruins gear up for the imminent September 20 training camp, a sense of eager anticipation envelops the team's impending transformation.

However, the reassuring presence of both Swayman and Ullmark between the pipes assures that the cherished goalie hug tradition will endure through the pivotal centennial season, promising heartwarming instances for the devoted Bruins faithful.

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Swayman Shares Story Behind The Hug Tradition with Ullmark

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