Sweeney Reveals What Happened During Contract Negotiations With Bertuzzi

Published July 8, 2023 at 10:46 PM

Last season, the Boston Bruins made bold moves to maximize their chances of winning the Stanley Cup. However, those new acquisitions did not stay with the team during the offseason.

Carolina Hurricanes secured Dmitry Orlov, Philadelphia Flyers signed Garnet Hathaway, and Tyler Bertuzzi joined the Maple Leafs. Interestingly, many initially believed that Tyler Bertuzzi would remain with the Bruins, but the deal fell through, and he opted for another team.

This outcome left Bruins fans dissatisfied and seeking an explanation as to why the team couldn't offer Bertuzzi a comparable contract, especially considering their willingness to make roster changes and manage the salary cap.

General Manager Don Sweeney shed light on the Bruins' stance regarding Bertuzzi, stating, "I'll address the broader context rather than focusing solely on a player from another team at this stage. Some players were seeking longer-term deals, and that was the main focus of our discussions." Sweeney conveyed this information to reporters on Friday, as captured in a video by the Bruins.

He further explained, "Certain teams had the flexibility to accommodate shorter-term deals at suitable terms. We needed to fill a particular void, which led us to make a move to create the necessary space. To pursue additional options would have required excessive proactive measures, but we didn't find the value to warrant further cap adjustments or overly aggressive actions."

While Bertuzzi joins a team with Stanley Cup potential, a one-year contract likely didn't align with the 28-year-old's aspirations. As Sweeney mentioned, the Bruins aimed to secure Bertuzzi's services for the long term. Unfortunately, this proved unfeasible due to salary cap constraints, affecting not only the Bruins but also other teams. Consequently, Bertuzzi settled for a one-year deal.

Boston made several transactions to enhance their depth for the upcoming season. Sweeney indicated that the team would have increased flexibility in the following season, implying the potential for Tyler Bertuzzi's return.

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Sweeney Reveals What Happened During Contract Negotiations With Bertuzzi

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