Taking a look back at who won the Taylor Hall trade

Published May 20, 2023 at 11:57 PM

Taylor Hall has been lighting up the ice as a Boston Bruin for two and a half thrilling seasons. Ever since the Buffalo Sabres traded him to the Bruins in a deal heavily skewed in favor of Boston, Hall has been an unstoppable force.

General Manager Don Sweeney recognized Hall's immense talent and secured him for a fantastic 4-year contract worth a cool $24 million, complete with a no-movement clause. In the upcoming 2022-23 season, Hall will be collecting a salary of $7 million, while his cap hit remains at $6 million. This includes a tidy sum of $1 million in signing bonuses and $6 million as base salary. It's clear that Hall's value to the Bruins is indisputable.

Speaking of value, the Bruins orchestrated an impressive trade to acquire Hall. They snagged Curtis Lazar, a solid addition at $800,000, and secured Hall for a steal with the Sabres retaining 50% of his $4 million salary. The math adds up to a total sum of $4.8 million, giving the Bruins a staggering change of +$3.2 million. As part of the trade, the Bruins bid farewell to Anders Bjork, who had a salary of $1.6 million, and relinquished a 2021 2nd round pick (BOS - Alexander Kisakov), totaling $1.6 million.

Since donning the iconic Bruins jersey, Hall has showcased his brilliance in 158 games, racking up an impressive 111 points. His standout performance in 2021 even outshined his time with the New Jersey Devils in 2017-18 when he achieved a career-high of 93 points. It's safe to say that Hall has found his stride in Boston.

The Bruins hit the jackpot with the Hall trade, securing an exceptional talent at a bargain price with the Sabres footing half the bill. Hall's outstanding contributions on the ice are a testament to the Bruins' shrewd move. Meanwhile, the Sabres may be left with a lingering sense of regret.

The trade has undeniably paid off for the Boston Bruins, solidifying it as one of the organization's best moves. Hall's prowess as one of the top forwards in recent seasons continues to elevate the Bruins' game, making him an invaluable asset to the team's success.
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Taking a look back at who won the Taylor Hall trade

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