The Bruins Organization Disrespects Jack Edwards

Published September 25, 2023 at 3:29 PM
Jack Edwards, the Boston Bruins announcer, is no stranger to stirring up mixed feelings in the NHL community. While opinions about him vary widely outside of Boston, within the Bruins' fan base, he's a beloved figure. However, recent developments hint at a potential change in the broadcast booth.

The buzz began with a report from ESPN's Shukri Wrights, indicating that the Boston Bruins are growing fond of broadcaster Alex Faust, who is currently stepping in for Edwards. Initially thought to be a temporary arrangement, it now appears that Faust's role might evolve beyond that.

According to Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now, there's a chance Faust's position could become more permanent: "He may become much more than a fill-in, from what I am told."

While Edwards has been involved in controversies, including incidents from the previous season, it's unclear whether these factors will lead to a shift in the Bruins' broadcast booth. Official announcements are pending.

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The Bruins Organization Disrespects Jack Edwards

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