The Bruins Should Target This Player If He Hits Free Agency

Austin Sabourin
June 23, 2023  (2:57)

Bruins Should Consider Targeting Elias Lindholm in Free Agency

The Boston Bruins find themselves facing some challenges this offseason due to Don Sweeney's bold moves last season.
However, this doesn't mean the Bruins are sitting out of the free agency and trade discussions, especially with the news that a prominent player from the Calgary Flames is poised to test free agency.

Recent reports indicate that Elias Lindholm may become a free agent, and if that happens, the Bruins should seriously consider acquiring him.

There has been a buzz surrounding the Calgary Flames in the past few days as multiple players express their desire to leave the team. According to Frank Servalli, an insider at Daily Faceoff, Calgary has made a significant pitch to Lindholm, essentially offering him whatever he desires to convince him to re-sign.
However, Lindholm and his agent have yet to provide a definitive answer, leading to a growing consensus that he won't re-sign with Calgary and will explore free agency starting on July 1.
Lindholm, who will turn 29 in December, has already established himself in the league and could be a valuable addition to the Bruins. He would fit seamlessly into their current core and could potentially provide a solid 4-6 years of contribution, either through a bridge-deal or a long-term extension with 50% salary retention this season, which would greatly benefit the Bruins.
Coming off a season where he tallied 64 points, following an impressive 82-point performance in the previous year while playing all 82 games, Lindholm has proven to be a reliable and productive player. Despite his age, he has maintained good health in the latter stages of his career and consistently performs as a 50+ point player, which would enhance the Bruins' depth.
Throughout his career, spanning 743 games, Lindholm has notched 203 goals and 310 assists, accumulating a total of 513 points. He has spent a maximum of five seasons with each of his previous teams, indicating that a five-year term could align perfectly with the Boston Bruins' needs.
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The Bruins Should Target This Player If He Hits Free Agency

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