The Bruins need to start working out a deal with this player

Published July 21, 2023 at 10:02

The Boston Bruins find themselves at a crucial crossroads concerning the future of winger Jake DeBrusk within their roster. With his unrestricted free agency looming on July 1, 2024, the team faces the pressing need for contract extension talks.

An NHL pro scout has emphasized the scrutiny on DeBrusk's performance, urging the Bruins to swiftly decide their stance.

Establishing a mutual understanding becomes paramount if an extension isn't finalized before the upcoming season, as numerous teams may vie for his services next July.

DeBrusk, a 26-year-old standout, has impressively netted 25 goals in each of the past two seasons, showcasing his scoring prowess. His instrumental role in the Bruins' 2019 Stanley Cup Final run hasn't gone unnoticed.

Furthermore, scouts recognize DeBrusk's clutch performances during the Stanley Cup playoffs, making him a sought-after target for other NHL teams in 2024, either through free agency or trade.

Given his scoring abilities and potential long-term value, the Bruins must carefully strategize their plans concerning DeBrusk to ensure continued success for the team.

The stakes are high, and the hockey world watches with anticipation as the fate of this talented winger unfolds.

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The Bruins need to start working out a deal with this player

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