The Bruins will see an increase in support at their game

Published November 22, 2023 at 7:03 PM
The Boston Bruins are anticipating a heartwarming and special occasion as they prepare to take to the ice, knowing that a significant number of their players will have their fathers present at the upcoming matchup. This upcoming game holds a deeper sentiment as the players' fathers will be in attendance, adding an extra layer of encouragement and support for the team.

The presence of these paternal figures in the stands is not only a testament to the players' dedication and hard work but also a moment of pride for both the team and the families. Their guidance, support, and unwavering encouragement have played an instrumental role in the players' careers, and having them witness the game firsthand is a poignant recognition of this shared journey

In preparation for the game against the Panthers, Jim Montgomery made a surprising statement regarding the Panthers.

"The best team we've played," he said about the Panthers.

Kevin Shattenkirk and Patrick Brown are in for Ian Mitchell and Oskar Steen. Linus Ullmark starts in goal.

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