The Great One Advocates For Change Regarding Former Bruin

Austin Sabourin
June 5, 2023  (4:28)

The NHL's Norris Trophy has ignited passionate discussions among fans and experts in recent times. Among the leading contenders for the award stands Erik Karlsson, emerging as the frontrunner for this highly esteemed accolade. However, a growing sentiment suggests that the current selection process may be flawed.

Detractors argue that the Norris Trophy inadequately appreciates the defensive brilliance displayed by players, often overshadowed by flashy offensive statistics. This viewpoint gained significant traction when a tweet comparing Karlsson and Hampus Lindholm circulated on various social media platforms. Karlsson, an exceptional player for the San Jose Sharks, impressively accumulated 101 points this season, albeit with a concerning minus-26 plus/minus rating.
In contrast, Lindholm, a crucial member of the Boston Bruins, boasted an outstanding plus-49 plus/minus rating. Yet, his name remains largely absent from conversations surrounding potential Norris Trophy recipients this year.
Enter Wayne Gretzky, a man known for voicing his perspective without hesitation. The revered hockey legend shared his thoughts on the matter, presenting a fresh idea to The Athletic. Gretzky proposed the establishment of a new trophy, aptly named the Bobby Orr Trophy, which would honor the defenseman who amasses the most points in a season.
Gretzky's rationale behind this suggestion stems from his unwavering belief that Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe stand as the greatest players in NHL history, deserving of special recognition. However, his proposal goes beyond merely introducing a separate trophy. The Great One advocates for a complete overhaul of the Norris Trophy.
Passionately advocating his position, Gretzky proposes splitting the Norris Trophy into two distinct honors. The offensive dynamo would be awarded the Bobby Orr Trophy, while the top defensive player would receive the Gordie Howe Trophy. By doing so, he seeks to pay homage to these extraordinary figures who have indelibly shaped the sport.
In no uncertain terms, Gretzky emphatically declares,
"We need a Bobby Orr Trophy for the defenseman with the most points, and then (a trophy) for the best defensive defenseman. Let's have two awards. We owe it to Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe, the greatest players ever."

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The Great One Advocates For Change Regarding Former Bruin

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