The reason this one team doesn't like David Pastrnak

Published July 15, 2023 at 5:10 PM

David Pastrnak has proven to be an unstoppable force when facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers over the past three seasons.

In the span of 12 games, this skilled forward has showcased his extraordinary ability to score by netting an impressive 15 goals, with 10 of them coming during even-strength play.

However, Pastrnak's dominance extends beyond his scoring prowess. He has amassed a remarkable 24 points and boasts a noteworthy +14 rating.

His impact on the ice cannot be denied, evident in his 61 shots taken and six penalties drawn. What adds an extra layer of astonishment to Pastrnak's achievements is the fact that he has achieved a total of four hat tricks against the Flyers alone, surpassing the combined total he has against all other teams since the 2020-21 season.

When examining the numbers, it becomes evident that Philadelphia has undeniably become Pastrnak's preferred target.
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The reason this one team doesn't like David Pastrnak

Is Pastrnak one of the best goal scorers the Bruins have ever had?

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