Things get Scrappy Between Marchand and McAvoy

Published September 22, 2023 at 10:38
While most players were finding their rhythm and rookies were adjusting to new drills, a few seasoned Bruins wasted no time embracing physicality.

In Group A, the team's alternate captain, Charlie McAvoy, and their captain, Brad Marchand, engaged in a spirited battle for puck possession during the early session, with Marchand emerging victorious.

When questioned about the heightened physicality, Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery left no room for doubt that this approach would persist throughout training camp, the preseason, and the 2023-24 regular season.

"We're looking for a physical presence," Montgomery affirmed straightforwardly. "Compared to last year, we want to be a more physically imposing team. We value this physicality, particularly when players are vying for spots on the roster. It's expected when the drills demand it."

Montgomery also pointed out,
"We've added some size and strength to our team. Furthermore, we acknowledge the necessity of increased physicality around the net, both in offensive and defensive aspects. This is an area we've pinpointed for improvement, based on our observations from last year's playoffs."

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Things get Scrappy Between Marchand and McAvoy

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