This stat revealed proves the Bruins are one of the greatest teams

Published July 23, 2023 at 7:18 PM

Few NHL teams can rival the consistent performance and long-term success of the Boston Bruins. With a storied legacy as one of the league's powerhouses, their latest achievement further solidifies their status.

Recent statistics reveal that the Bruins boast an impressive P% (points percentage) of .610 since the 1967-68 season, positioning them second on the list, just behind the Vegas Golden Knights with a .632 P%.

The top five teams with the highest P% since the 1967-68 season are as follows:

Vegas Golden Knights - .632 P%: Their rapid rise to dominance as an expansion team showcases exceptional management and player development.

Boston Bruins - .610 P%: The Bruins' enduring legacy of excellence and multiple championships demonstrate their winning culture.

Montreal Canadiens - .586 P%: A perennial hockey powerhouse with a rich history of Stanley Cup victories.

Philadelphia Flyers - .569 P%: Known for their passionate fan base and competitive spirit, the Flyers have consistently been a formidable force.

Minnesota Wild - .561 P%: As a newer franchise, the Wild have quickly established a competitive identity.

The Bruins' .610 P% is a testament to their sustained excellence over the years, built on talented players, skilled coaching, and a dedicated front office.

As they embark on another season, the Bruins' legacy of greatness shines brightly, inspiring other franchises with their commitment to hard work and passion for the game.

With high expectations and a talented roster, the Boston Bruins are poised to leave their mark on the NHL once again.
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This stat revealed proves the Bruins are one of the greatest teams

Will the Boston Bruins continue their legacy of greatness and maintain their impressive P% in the upcoming season?

Yes13462 %
No8238 %
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