Tory Krug Declines Trade to Boston Due to This Motive

Published July 1, 2023 at 10:15 PM

Per sources, the Philadelphia Flyers had displayed interest in retaining defenseman Torey Krug. However, their intentions were impeded by a range of factors.

Considering the team's decision to part ways with Ivan Provorov and ongoing attempts to trade Tony DeAngelo, they were in dire need of defensive players.

Regrettably, Krug exhibited an unwillingness to join a phase of team rebuilding. Furthermore, the recent addition of his third child created reservations about uprooting his family and relocating.

"As per Friedman, the Flyers had every intention to retain Krug, given their requirement for a defenseman after the departure of Provorov and ongoing efforts to move DeAngelo. However, Krug expressed discomfort with joining a rebuilding team and, given his recent expansion of his family, had no interest in uprooting them."

These circumstances ultimately influenced the Flyers' pursuit of Krug.
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Tory Krug Declines Trade to Boston Due to This Motive

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