Trent Frederic seen training with some big names

Published July 24, 2023 at 3:37

This week, Trent Frederic finds himself in the heart of St. Louis, hitting the ice alongside none other than the formidable Patrick Maroon.

For the young Boston Bruins forward, this is an exhilarating opportunity to share the rink with seasoned players, gaining insights from their skills and wealth of experience.

Under the watchful eye of Coach Jon, the training sessions are in full swing, with the "BIG boys" refining their game and gearing up for the upcoming season.

As Frederic continues his growth and development, this experience promises to be priceless, both for the player himself and for the Boston Bruins.

The chance to train alongside such talent can only bolster his skills and further elevate the team's prospects.
July 24   |   384 answers
Trent Frederic seen training with some big names

Do you think Frederic will be more physical next year due to who he's been training with?

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