Tuukka Rask Reveals Why He Had A Meltdown In The AHL

Published September 11, 2023 at 5:14 PM
Many remember the infamous "Tuukka Rask meltdown" during his time with the Providence Bruins in the AHL.

In that video, Rask's frustration is evident as he allowed two shootout goals following a regulation and overtime shutout. Recently, Rask discussed the game on the Spittin' Chiclets Podcast, shedding light on what happened that night.

"It's a 0-0 game throughout overtime. I'm playing like the best game of my life...we head into a shootout, and no goals. So, I go for a poke check, the guy loses the puck, it goes backward, sideways. He skates to it, wraps it around, and shoots into an empty net," Rask explained. "The second one, we don't score. Then they come back, and the guy rips it over my shoulder, and I hear cling as the ref says goal."

Back then, video reviews weren't a thing, so it was up to the ref's judgment, and he ruled it a goal. This triggered Rask, who was already on edge after the first goal. It became a memorable moment for Bruins fans.

However, Rask mentioned that he learned from these experiences, even though he admitted to losing his cool off the ice: "You kinda learn from those things, you know, and then I snap 100 times, but just not on the ice. I just go into the locker room and...once I got locked in at Joe Louis Arena after we lost a game...I smacked that door like ten times. The fricken handle fell."

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Tuukka Rask Reveals Why He Had A Meltdown In The AHL

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