Veteran Hockey Commissioner Bids Farewell to the Game

Published August 10, 2023 at 11:29 PM

In the fast-paced world of North American hockey, one figure has stood the test of time as a commissioner par excellence. With the upcoming season looming on the horizon, anticipation is building as this esteemed individual prepares to hang up their skates and embrace a well-earned retirement.

News of this monumental decision has ignited a flurry of discussions across media outlets and even within the heart of the Ontario Hockey League itself.

As the news broke, all eyes turned to none other than David Branch, the stalwart leader who took the helm of the OHL back in 1980. Amid the warmth of summer, Branch convened with the board of governors to unveil his plans: the current season, a remarkable 45th season of his tenure, would also mark the grand finale of his illustrious journey at the league's forefront.

The league promptly united to issue an official statement, disseminating the gravity of this announcement.

In the tapestry of Branch's legacy within the league, as well as his indelible impact on the Canadian Hockey League at large, the threads of success are woven seamlessly. An architect of change, he pioneered a scholarship program that bestowed a year of post-secondary education for each season spent on the ice. His impassioned advocacy for player safety, non-violence, and mental well-being also found a resounding echo throughout the league. Regardless of differing opinions, his instrumental role in implementing regulations to mitigate the prevalence of fights within the OHL, alongside his contributions to introducing a blindside hit rule within both the league and the CHL, remain enduring marks of his tenure.

As the search for Branch's successor as the Ontario Hockey League commissioner continues, it's worth noting that he entrusted the mantle of CHL president to Dan MacKenzie in September 2019, signifying a pivotal shift in the landscape of North American hockey leadership.

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Veteran Hockey Commissioner Bids Farewell to the Game

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