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Absence of Bruins captain Brad Marchand at practice ahead of Game 5
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Absence of Bruins captain Brad Marchand at practice ahead of Game 5

Published April 29, 2024 at 2:38 PM

The Boston Bruins faced an unexpected setback as their captain, Brad Marchand, was notably absent from the team practice preceding Game 5 against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

While the exact reason for his absence remains undisclosed, speculation arises that Marchand might be contending with an injury, adding another layer of uncertainty to the crucial matchup.

The potential absence of Marchand, a key contributor to the Bruins' performance against Toronto thus far, poses a significant challenge for the team as they aim to secure victory in Game 5 and advance past the Maple Leafs. His absence would undoubtedly leave a void in the lineup, adding pressure on the remaining players to step up and fill the gap in their pursuit of eliminating Toronto from the playoffs.

Throughout the series, Marchand showcased his offensive prowess, tallying eight points, which included three goals, in just four games. Beyond his scoring ability, he maintained his trademark physicality, delivering impactful hits and embodying the gritty style of play synonymous with his game.

If you missed it, we just reported that Auston Matthews also missed practice today. Without Marchand and Matthews, both teams could compete tomorrow without their most impactful player.

Both the Bruins and Maple Leafs are anticipated to provide updates on the status of Marchand and Matthews shortly. While coaches Sheldon Keefe and Jim Montgomery have been tight-lipped about player health throughout the playoffs, the significance of Marchand and Matthews to their respective teams may prompt a shift in approach. With both players being integral to their teams' success, media scrutiny is likely to intensify if detailed information about their availability for the upcoming game remains undisclosed.

Source : Bruins captain Brad Marchand absent from practice ahead of game 5
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Absence of Bruins captain Brad Marchand at practice ahead of Game 5

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