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Bergeron reveals affect of trade rumors on Linus Ullmark

Published March 22, 2024 at 4:40 PM

Patrice Bergeron sat down with the Athletic and spoke of how the recent trade rumors at the deadline have affected Linus Ullmark.

Trade speculation is not easy for any player, as fans often forget that NHL are just regular human beings and that they have lives outside of hockey. Bergeron mentioned that he reached out to Ullmark to see how he is doing since he knows it can't be easy dealing with these rumors and all the thoughts going through the player's head.

"With Linus, for me, it was just to show support in a way. I'm sure it wasn't easy for him and his family. He's got kids enrolled in school. I'm sure his head was spinning. If it was going to happen, it's like, "OK, what do I do?" My kids are in school. My wife is here. Then you start thinking too much. Sometimes, it's not even what you say. It's more just to be there to listen and for him to open up and talk about it. I don't think I said anything crazy. It was more just to have a conversation and open up." - Bergeron

The former Bruins captain was there to lend a helping hand to his former teammate and encourage Ullmark through this difficult period.

It seems as though Bergeron might not be on the roster or their captain anymore but he will always be a Bruin at heart and a leader in that locker room.

Source: Patrice Bergeron reveals terrible impact of trade chatter on Linus Ullmark
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Bergeron reveals affect of trade rumors on Linus Ullmark

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