Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery behind the bench.
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Bruins Coach Jim Montgomery's impactful on and off ice message to Boston

Published March 25, 2024 at 6:56 PM

The Boston Bruins have been at the higher level of the NHL this year in terms of performance, and fans have been excited to see their final standings as they approach this years' playoffs. Although they seem to be doing a stellar job in general, head coach of the Bruins Jim Montgomery still believes there is work to do.

Bruins coach Jim Montgomery delivered a strong but important message to his team on and off the ice at practice Monday.

"I hated the way we finished the game in Philly,» said Montgomery. «It was a good hockey game, it was playoff intensity, a good physicality to it. I don't think I've done a good enough job of teaching the details and game management that we need, and then we weren't prepared to practice today." Is what Montgomery had to say in regards to the previous game against Philadelphia on Saturday. "So that's why. those things coupled together, not ready to start practice on time, guys not knowing what we're supposed to be doing. Again, I take responsibility for it, but there has to be some responsibility from the players, too.»

As a head coach of such a successful team, it is important to keep the relationship on an even playing field between the coach and his players, as too much ego and confidence can be a recipe for disaster for a team, no matter how good they currently are.

«I don't think our team's ready yet for the playoffs,» said Montgomery. «We gotta continue to get tested, and we're going to get tested. It's been consistent throughout the year. We have good stretches where we manage the game and then we get away from it. You can't get away from it. You just can't give a game away in the playoffs because you don't get to play the following week if you do that. Remarked Montgomery, humbly. «What needs to change, is more accountability in our team valuing playing the right way always.»

Fans eagerly await to see the fire lit under the Bruins after the straight-forward attitude of Montgomery attempting to lead them to victory. All that is left to do is to wait and see if it pays off during tomorrow night's game against the Panthers, and take it one game at a time for the 2nd place Atlantic Division team.

source: Jim Montgomery Sends Loud, Clear Message To Bruins At Practice
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Bruins Coach Jim Montgomery's impactful on and off ice message to Boston

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