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Fans Are Upset with Bruins Players

Published March 2, 2024 at 10:11 PM

Bruins fans seem to have a lot to not be happy about lately with the team's recent struggles, they seem to be playing without any heart which has caused multiple blown leads.

Tonight against the Islanders, they decided instead of blowing a lead they decided to just never have one in the first place. After the first period it was 3-0 for the Islanders and now were are in the second intermission and it's 5-1.

Fans and insiders are saying on social media that the Bruins seem uninterested in playing or winning tonight which anyone can see by just looking at the score.

"Bruins looking completely disinterested in playing defense, or playing with any kind of urgency, in a first period where they're down 3-0 and being outshot 15-8 through the first 20 minutes."

"Completely disengaged effort from Boston. Sleepwalking. Unacceptable. #NHLBruins"

"Carlo has been even worse."

Management will need to make some serious changes and soon with the deadline approaching if they want to go deep in the playoffs.
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Fans Are Upset with Bruins Players

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