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Former NHL referee Tim Peel goes after Jack Edwards

Published May 2, 2024 at 8:27

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Bruins' announcer, Jack Edwards, since Game 5 after he called referee Steve Kozari a "coward" for not explaining a call to Charlie McAvoy.

Former NHL referee Tim Peel took to social media to criticize Edwards stating that he understands Edwards has health issues but that does not excuse his comments on Kozari or fat shaming Maroon last season either.

I think Jack Edwards may be having some health issues and I sympathize with that. But calling Referee #40 Steve Kozari a coward is despicable. Kozari was carried off on a stretcher three weeks ago in Pittsburg in a collision with Hayden Fleury of #GoBolts Last year, he fat shamed Pat Maroon. Very sad Jack!
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Bruins fans responded to the comments defending Jack to which Peel decided to start commenting back to all these fans as he was clearly entertained by the attention he was receiving.

Source: Bruins insider: Former referee issues vicious statement towards Jack Edward's

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Former NHL referee Tim Peel goes after Jack Edwards

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