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Insider gives a huge update on Swayman's extension

Published March 5, 2024 at 2:47 PM

In recent news, Sportsnet NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has confirmed that the Bruins have not gotten close to agreeing on any contract extension regarding Jeremy Swayman. Swayman has supposedly been in talks with the team for some time, in the early stages of negotiating contract terms for an extension with the team. Rumors spread about this not yet solidified conversation, going as far as outright saying that Swayman's potential extension has been confirmed indefinitely.

set the record straight on his Jeremy Swayman contract extension report in his Monday 32 Thoughts column:

"I don't think the Bruins and Swayman are close on an extension, but I do think they have talked about it."

After last night's game, Swayman was questionned on the validity of these extension claims. «I like Elliotte (Friedman) a lot, but I'm going to leave that to my agent,» said Swayman. Friedman has since clarified the situation.

«I just want to say something about this,» replied Friedman after being asked about what Swayman had to say regarding this misinformation. «I don't know where this got so out of control yesterday, but the only thing I wrote is that they've been talking to him, and that is true. They had talked to him. I certainly didn't intend to create the impression that anything was getting close, and I can't find where I actually said that. So I'm going to say at this point in time that I didn't say that. So, I just want to make that very clear. I don't think the Bruins and Swayman are close on an extension but I do think they have talked about it. So that's all I'll say about that and I just wanted to clear that up.»

Here's what Friedman had so say on Monday;

«The reason you're hearing Linus Ullmark's name is the calendar will force Boston to make a decision. They've begun discussing an extension with Jeremy Swayman, and Brandon Bussi soon requires waivers. Something's going to have to give. Like several other teams considering moving a goalie, the Bruins have to decide when is the optimal time to do it. All of a sudden, Fleury and Saros are off the market, and Markstrom's future is uncertain. So, if someone craves a netminder now, Boston's in a position to deliver. There are two flaws to this, however. First, the Swayman/Ullmark combo gives the Bruins their best chance to win right now, and second, Ullmark has some control over this. If it involves a team he can say no to, he's earned the right to block.»

Somehow, these rumors were spread by picking apart what Friedman had to say, to the point where reporters allegedly changed Friedman's words to make it seem as though Swayman and the Bruins were closing in on an agreement. A radio host in Boston went as far as this has all been confirmed, and a contract was coming in the near future. With all this talk about Swayman, it has created an even larger conversation revolving around Linus Ullmark. After Ullmark wasn't on the Bruins bench during their recent 4-1 victory, fans and social media went wild with speculation about a trade. This dust can now settle over this situation as it was just a case of Ullmark watching the game from the dressing room, and does not go deeper than that.

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Insider gives a huge update on Swayman's extension

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