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Brad Marchand after injury
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Is Brad Marchand done for the series?

Published May 11, 2024 at 3:08 PM

The Boston Bruins received distressing news regarding their esteemed team captain, Brad Marchand, following an injury inflicted during a high-stakes game against the Florida Panthers.

Marchand's status has been officially listed as day to day, with an upper body injury sustained after a punch from Sam Bennett, raising concerns about his availability for the remainder of the series.

"Brad Marchand «day-to-day» with an upper body injury. That's the only update from Jim Montgomery. Said it was pretty clear to Bruins that there was a punch there after watching replays and that there's «a history» with Sam Bennett

The contentious rivalry between the Florida Panthers and the Boston Bruins has reached a fever pitch in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs, and the physicality and animosity between the two teams have only intensified as the stakes soar. Rumors surrounding a long-standing feud between Marchand and Bennett have been circulating, and the deep-seated enmity between the players came to a head during the recent clash.

With uncertainty shrouding the pivotal figure of Brad Marchand, the Boston Bruins are confronted with a daunting prospect. His absence could prove to be a severe blow to their championship aspirations, as they grapple with the impending challenge of facing a formidable adversary without their influential leader. As the intensity of the playoffs surges and the Bruins navigate an increasingly tough path, the pivotal question remains: how will they weather this adversity and rally in the absence of their captain?

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Is Brad Marchand done for the series?

Will Brad Marchand return?

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