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Jim Montgomery provides insight into the Bruins' identity

Published April 11, 2024 at 10:06 PM

Recently, Boston Bruins' head coach Jim Montgomery provided perspectives on the team's identity, offering clarity on their game strategy.

As per Montgomery, the Bruins have been focused on maintaining consistency and resilience since March 1st. He highlighted the importance of grasping and accepting their identity, irrespective of the obstacles encountered during games.

Montgomery underscored the necessity for rapid adjustment, ensuring the team can promptly return to their effective strategies.

Jim Montgomery on team identity: "Pretty much since March 1st it's been the same thing...we want to get to our identity and understand how we get there and how fast we can get there no matter what is going on in the game so that we can get back to what gives us success."

This declaration highlights the Bruins' dedication to their fundamental beliefs and their steadfast resolve to attain success by remaining faithful to their identity, regardless of the situation.

Source Bruins insider: Jim Montgomery issued a statement on the Bruins identity
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Jim Montgomery provides insight into the Bruins' identity

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