Linus Ullmark is probably on his way to the Ottawa Senators.

Nathaniel Waugh
June 22, 2024  (3:54 PM)

Boston Bruins Goalie Linus Ullmark.
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The Ottawa Senators are actively pursuing Linus Ullmark to fortify their goaltending for the future. As the former Vezina Trophy winner for the 2022-2023 season, Ullmark is a coveted asset capable of elevating his potentially new team into playoff contention and maybe even contending for a Stanley Cup.

If Ottawa/Boston work out a deal for Linus Ullmark and the Sens can reach an agreement on an extension with Ullmark, this is as good as done. Ullmark will go.

Interest in Ullmark spans several teams, including the New Jersey Devils, Los Angeles Kings, and the Ottawa Senators. With Darcy Kuemper and Jacob Markstrom already signed elsewhere, the Senators are intensifying efforts to strike a deal with Bruins GM Don Sweeney.
Reports suggest a potential trade involving Jakob Chychrun and a 1st round pick going to Boston in exchange for Ullmark. However, if Ullmark were to join the Senators, the Bruins might seek additional assets, possibly including a prized prospect like Brady Tkachuk along with a 1st round pick.
Jakob Chychrun asked if Ottawa is the place he wants to play the next couple of years:

«It's a tough question, I don't know. I honestly have not thought about that. I know I have 1 more year left (on my contract). There haven't been talks of an extension or anything so I haven't got my head wrapped around that idea. It's tough to sit here and act like I have. Take it day by day and see if and when we have those talks and go from there.» #Sens

Such a move would be significant, potentially addressing concerns in the Bruins' top-six lineup. While these discussions remain speculative for now, they underscore the ongoing negotiations and the ambition of all parties involved to achieve their respective goals.
Source: Bruins Insider
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Linus Ullmark is probably on his way to the Ottawa Senators.

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