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Major Update on New Jerseys for the Bruins

Published March 13, 2024 at 11:10

The Boston Bruins have a pretty recognizable jersey at the moment. Changes to their jersey have been in talks for a while now, but insider reports have pointed to the team having to wait until 2026 for any significant changes to their black and yellow uniforms.

per @icetheticsit sounds like @Fanatics have asked teams to hold off till 2026-2027 for any big changes on jerseys and will be using current or old templates. to my knowledge the #NHLBruins will only wear the centennial jerseys this season and will go back to the previous kits from 2022-2023 season. super disappointing and a huge miss in my opinion, but I get the process takes a while for these things.

The centennial jerseys seem to be their near future representation of Boston as the manufacturer of NHL jerseys has asked to currently put a halt to major overhauls of team jerseys. Fans have been waiting for the "new and improved" colours of the Bruins to be shown on ice for some time now, but unfortunately the actions that must take place in order to allow for this jersey change is a very long process, and all organizations involved must be happy and confident with the final product.

source: bruinsinsider
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Major Update on New Jerseys for the Bruins

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