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New footage reveals Bennett's hit on Marchand was deliberate

Published May 12, 2024 at 9:07 PM

There's been considerable discussion about Sam Bennett's controversial hit on Brad Marchand, questioning its intent. This hit sidelined Marchand for Game 3 and kept him out of Game 4 as well. Recently, footage from a different perspective has come to light, casting doubt on the initial interpretations of the event.

According to a report from Puck Reporter on X, newly surfaced footage of the incident clearly shows that Bennett deliberately struck Brad Marchand on the side of the face, which led to his ejection from the game. Check out the video.

In the latest twist in NHL drama, recently uncovered footage clearly shows Sam Bennett deliberately striking Brad Marchand's face with his fist. This act isn't an isolated incident; Bennett has a history, having knocked Matthew Knies out of last year's series in a similarly questionable play. Despite the clear pattern of behavior, Bennett seems to skate by without much scrutiny from the NHL's Player Safety department.

One might almost admire Bennett for his ability to dodge repercussions, but it's increasingly difficult to ignore the bigger issue at hand: the apparent ineffectiveness of the NHL's enforcement of player safety. The lack of even a cursory review or a statement on why there was no suspension in this latest incident is perplexing and frustrating. Under George Parros' watch, the inconsistency in handling such matters has been all too common, and it raises serious concerns about fairness and the safety of the players.

It's disheartening to see the league falling short on such a critical aspect of the game. Fans, players, and everyone involved deserves better. The NHL must enhance its vigilance and commitment to maintaining not just the integrity of the sport, but the well-being of its players. Ensuring strict and fair enforcement of rules is essential, and it's time the NHL steps up to truly protect its players, fostering a safer, more respectable sporting environment.

Source blaceofsteel: New angle shows Bennett hit on Marchand was intentional
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New footage reveals Bennett's hit on Marchand was deliberate

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