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Penguins' Sidney Crosby Unhappy with Bruins' Final Shot

Published April 14, 2024 at 11:06

A strong slapshot from Bruins' forward David Pastrnak tested Penguins' goalie Tristan Jarry, leading to a response from Sidney Crosby as Jarry successfully defended the net.

Throughout the 2023-24 NHL season, discussions and conflicts regarding the unwritten rules of hockey have arisen, with the Pittsburgh Penguins almost becoming focal points of these debates. Following a challenging 6-4 defeat to the Boston Bruins, tensions reached a boiling point in the closing seconds of the game.

Amidst the commotion on the ice, Crosby approached Pastrnak. ESPN analyst Ray Ferraro, situated between the benches, remarked that Pastrnak argued he had no intention of scoring. Crosby challenged Pastrnak's explanation, yet the altercation subsided before escalating further. After the game, Crosby attempted to downplay the incident, though his evident frustration with his opponent was apparent.

"He took a slapshot," Crosby commented. "I didn't really see where it hit Jars. He can do whatever he wants. Obviously, there's still time on the clock. There wasn't much to it."

Recent discussions have revolved around the appropriate approach to scoring on empty nets in last-second scenarios. Even though Jarry maintained his position during Pastrnak's slapshot, does his action violate the unwritten rules? Although Pastrnak didn't secure a goal, he contributed two assists to the Bruins' victory over the Penguins. Given the Penguins' current standings, Crosby's frustration might have peaked in that instance.

Source The hockey news: Penguins' Sidney Crosby Upset About Bruins' Last-Second Shot
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Penguins' Sidney Crosby Unhappy with Bruins' Final Shot

Is Sidney Crosby justified in being angry at David Pastrnak for his slapshot at the end of the game?

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