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Star Player Trade on the Horizon after the season

Published March 11, 2024 at 12:18

The name Linus Ullmark has been thrown around regarding a potential trade during the recent trade deadline. Teams were left wondering if they could get their hands on Vezina Trophy winning goaltender Ullmark, but were ultimately dissapointed to learn of his no trade clause. After the Kings attempted to sign a deal for Ullmark, GM Don Sweeny came out with information on the reasons why Ullmark has remained with his team so far. Sweeney seemed to imply that they wouldn't push a trade unless absolutely certain that it was the right call.

The reigning Vezina Trophy winner could be a popular name in trade talks this summer.

Considering the duality of Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman, the two goalies perform at a very similar level. Although Swayman can be seen as one step ahead of Ullmark in terms of outcome, many can argue the value of Ullmark. With both goalies proving their worth, the team must now consider Ullmark's upcoming unrestricted free agency and $5 million cap. This puts his future with the team into question, as his trade value has huge potential for significant return.

Ullmark's no trade clause is only valid for a certain list of teams due to their location, and it has been reported that teams not listed on the clause have shown significant interest in acquiring him for their roster. The Bruins can go the safe route and hold on to this decorated goaltender, or they can roll the dice and attempt to diversify their resources defensively or offensively, as fans continue to argue valid reasons for both. If the Bruins can jump on a deal during the offseason, returns may be more fruitful than waiting for next year's deadline. Ullmark has shown his worth, now all that is left to do is to see any potential offer that can rival his legacy.

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Star Player Trade on the Horizon after the season

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