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The NHL has revealed alterations to next year's schedules

Published April 10, 2024 at 6:13 PM

As the 2024-25 NHL season approaches, a report from Frank Seravalli highlights the league's careful strategy. Particularly, the NHL is developing two schedule variations for every team, with the future of the Arizona Coyotes franchise playing a crucial role.

Insights from Seravalli unveil a twofold tactic in the league's scheduling endeavors. One schedule presumes the Coyotes' stay in Arizona, while the other anticipates a move to Salt Lake City, Utah.

BREAKING: Sources tell @DailyFaceoff- NHL, Arizona Coyotes & Smith Entertain. Grp have made significant progress on the framework of an agreement to relocate #Yotes  to Salt Lake City, Utah.

#NHL memo updated Governors today.

NOT done. Many layers and lawyers. Much work to do.

This proactive stance highlights the ambiguity surrounding the Coyotes' future and the ongoing debates over their potential relocation. As talks progress and choices loom, fans and season ticket holders are anxious, eagerly anticipating more information on the Coyotes' destination for the 2024-25 season.

Source Bruins insider: NHL announces changes to schedules for next year
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The NHL has revealed alterations to next year's schedules

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