Toronto newspaper is making fun of Leafs player Mitch Marner
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Toronto newspaper is making fun of Leafs player Mitch Marner

Published April 25, 2024 at 10:24

The Toronto Maple Leafs managed to level the score in their Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoff series against the Boston Bruins, thanks to goals from John Tavares and Auston Matthews. However, one notable absence from the scoresheet in the first two games is Mitch Marner.

Marner has yet to make a significant contribution, failing to register a point in the early stages of the postseason. This lack of production has drawn attention, with The Toronto Sun featuring him as the "Invisible Man" on their latest front page, highlighting his struggles to make an impact.

When asked about boosting their offensive output, Marner explained that he and his linemates have been focused on playing a defensively responsible game against a strong opponent.

"We're trying to be responsible," Marner responded. "Obviously, we're matched up with a very good line on the other side that can really make you pay if you give them odd-man rushes or chances.

"Trying to find that medium of playing more O-zone, more cycles, trying to get pucks around the net, but at the same time making sure we're doing it in a safe way,"
- Mitch Marner

However, Marner isn't likely to abandon the approach that made him a top performer for the Leafs during the regular season. He remains committed to trusting the process.

"You always know you're going to get a lot more cameras in here when playoffs come around and you can see it," he said. "It's about doing the same thing you've done all year and trusting your team and yourself."

Source hockeyfeed: Toronto publication openly mocks Leafs' Mitch Marner
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Toronto newspaper is making fun of Leafs player Mitch Marner

Will Mitch Marner bounce back offensively before the end of the playoffs?

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