Trade price disclosed for Bruins to acquire Jake Guentzel

Sara Amaya
June 10, 2024  (0:12)

Jake Guentzel of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Photo credit: The Hockey News/James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins have received the price to obtain Jake Guentzel of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Guentzel was moved to the trade market by the Hurricanes after they failed to come to a conclusion about an extension for him and the Boston Bruins will have to pay top dollar to add him to there roster.
Guentzel will be looking to strike a deal within the free agency market for the upcoming season.
According to Austin Sabourin, Elliotte Friedman disclosed the asking cost for teams focused on adding him to there roster. They are requesting a first-round pick for his signing rights.
"It appears (Jake Guentzel) is available for a 1st round pick. I think Carolina has let everyone know that if you want to trade for his rights, for a chance to sign him, it's possible in exchange for a first-round pick ." -Elliotte Friedman

At this time the Bruins lack a first round pick until 2025. Which means that they would be taking a risk if they decided to make a trade deal with Carolina since Guentzel wouldn't be obligated to sign with the team come July 1st and still chose to go into the free agency.
Guentzel would be great benefit for the Bruins roster since he is a 40 goal scorer and assisting them with secondary scores could help the team thrive.
The Bruins have a lot to think about even though this could be a great opportunity, it could also hinder them should Guentzel decide to explore the free agency market. Is Guentzel worth the risk? We will have to wait and see what the Bruins decide come June 28th and 29 during the NHL lottery.
Credit: Bruins Insider- Price for the Boston Bruins to trade for Jake Guentzel revealed
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