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Ullmark makes surprising statement after loss

Published March 6, 2024 at 10:45

The Bruins took on the Oilers last night and blew another lead that led to an overtime loss. The Bruins were up 1-0 when the Oilers tied it up in the last few minutes of the third.

Leading up to the game tying goal, Linus Ullmark froze a puck that led to a faceoff in which the Bruins loss and the Oilers scored off of shortly after. Ullmark took responsibility for the play after the game saying he has to do better in the future.

Linus Ullmark taking accountability for freezing a puck that led to a lost D-zone faceoff and Oilers game-tying goal late in 3rd: «I mean, I've got to take ownership to it as well. There's no reason for me to freeze that puck [on the previous play when I] could keep it rolling"

The Bruins take on the Leafs tomorrow night and hopefully it will be the team we saw two games ago and not the one from last night.
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Ullmark makes surprising statement after loss

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