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Update on the Mysterious Ullmark Situation in Toronto

Published March 5, 2024 at 10:33

The Bruins took on the Leafs last night in Toronto in a 4-1 victory, however the big story was not on the ice.

Commentators seemed to have noticed that Ullmark was not on the bench which caused a lot of speculation on social media. Many believed it may have been because the Bruins were in the middle of trading him during the game.

Linus Ullmark is absent from the #NHLBruins bench.

It turns out that Toronto's visiting bench is quite small which often forces the back up goalie to have to sit down the tunnel which is what happened to Ullmark.

SPOTTED: LINUS ULLMARK AT SCOTIABANK ARENA *where he has been the entire night

Source: Theathletic
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Update on the Mysterious Ullmark Situation in Toronto

Will Ullmark be moved before the deadline?

Yes15749.5 %
No16050.5 %
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