Gary Bettman Lends a Helping Hand to Yet Another U.S. Team

Published August 17, 2023 at 11:15 PM

Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner, is known for having favorites in the league.

The Arizona Coyotes have benefited from this in the past, catching the attention of NHL higher-ups. But now, Bettman's spotlight is on the Carolina Hurricanes.

In a nutshell: "#Canes have sealed a 20-year deal at PNC Arena till 2043-44."

The arena is getting a revamp, aiming to make it a hub for sports and entertainment.

This significant agreement involves a joint investment of $300 million from Raleigh's City and Wake County. Gale Force, the team's owner, is also stepping up, developing the area around the PNC Arena.

Gale Force is putting in these amounts: $200 million within five years, $400 million in ten, and a whopping $800 million in twenty.

And there's more. As part of this deal, the NHL is giving a special treat to the Hurricanes and their fans: "Another All-Star Game is headed to Raleigh within three years of the arena makeover."

Plus, the excitement doesn't stop there: "Get ready for another Stadium Series Game in five years after the arena upgrade."

This news is a win for the Hurricanes, solidifying their place in Raleigh, North Carolina. They're investing $300 million into the team and the local community.

But here's the twist: Gary Bettman is now focusing on the Carolina Hurricanes, bringing in more exciting events their way. An All-Star Game is set to return to Raleigh, about a decade after the city last hosted it in 2011.

While the NHL keeps tabs on smaller teams like the new Seattle Kraken, some people are unhappy, suggesting the league is prioritizing money over the game's growth for everyone.

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Gary Bettman Lends a Helping Hand to Yet Another U.S. Team

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