Former Boston Bruin Defends Rising Star In Recent Interview

Published October 16, 2023 at 11:22 PM
Taylor Hall of the Chicago Blackhawks has a straightforward message when it comes to teammate Connor Bedard: Allow the young talent to focus on playing the game. Bedard, the top pick in the most recent NHL draft and touted as the next generational talent, has attracted significant media attention and numerous interview requests. While Hall believes Bedard handles this well, he thinks it's unnecessary.

"He does way too many in-game interviews and stuff. I think they just need to find a way to let him play. But, I think he understands his role as a major ambassador for the game of hockey, and he handles it well,"
noted Hall.

Bedard, despite the media attention, doesn't express a desire for less spotlight. Hall, a former first-overall pick himself, empathizes with the pressure that accompanies such a role.

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