Player Gets Stretched Off After Controversial Collision

Published October 1, 2023 at 8:38
It's always heart-wrenching to witness an incident like this, especially when it involves a young player like 19-year-old Samuel Savoie from the Chicago Blackhawks.

On a Saturday night, Savoie endured a significant injury during a body check that went awry, leading to a brutal collision with the boards at an awkward angle. His legs bore the brunt of the impact, and from certain camera angles, it was clear that his lower body contorted in a manner reminiscent of an accordion.

While the initial live view of the play may not have seemed too severe, a different story unfolded when viewed from a reverse angle and in slow motion, revealing the true extent of the incident.

As reported by Blackhawks journalist Charlie Roumeliotis, Savoie experienced considerable pain while on the ice and had to be stretchered off, unable to move on his own.

Despite the pain, Savoie mustered the strength to acknowledge the crowd with a thumbs-up as he was being carried off the ice. This gesture touched the hearts of the spectators, who responded with warmth and support.

In the second clip capturing the incident, you can witness Savoie being transported off the ice and his salute to the crowd, a moment that evoked a heartening response from the fans in attendance.
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Player Gets Stretched Off After Controversial Collision

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