Controversy Arises for Colorado Star in Firearm Incident

Published August 24, 2023 at 10:27 PM

Returning after nearly a 10-month absence, Valeri Nichushkin's recent Instagram post has garnered considerable attention. This marks his first post since the 2023 playoffs, and it's generating quite the buzz.

Captivating Visuals Take Center Stage

Nichushkin's latest Instagram upload offers a glimpse of him striking a pose alongside what seems to be a powerful weapon. A second snapshot captures him alongside another individual, both holding the same weapon. The caption "brothers" accompanies these images, captured in Nichushkin's hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Worth noting, he adorns a substantial ring in both frames; however, it remains uncertain whether it's his 2022 Stanley Cup ring. The text in the initial photo translates to "romance" or "love" in Russian.



The 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs resurface in memory, particularly Nichushkin's perplexing disappearance after just two games. This unforeseen absence dealt a blow to the Colorado Avalanche, given Nichushkin's contributions to the team. The plot thickened as details emerged about Nichushkin being escorted from a Seattle hotel by security. A team doctor and law enforcement addressed an incident within his hotel room. According to police accounts, a woman in the room was severely inebriated, raising concerns that she might evade authorities. This woman, hailing from Ukraine with Russian origins, reported a theft by "bad" individuals involving money and a passport. Nichushkin didn't return to the Avs for the remainder of the postseason, leading to the defending champions' exit in the first round against the Kraken. Despite these developments, Nichushkin has remained mum, and no charges have been filed against him, to the best of public knowledge.

These Instagram posts align with a backdrop of heightened tensions surrounding Russia. The timing of these visuals might not have been the most prudent move on Nichushkin's part. It's important to note that his last post prior to this hiatus was at the start of the 2022-23 season.Cup ring. The Russian text in the initial picture translates to "romance" or "love."

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Controversy Arises for Colorado Star in Firearm Incident

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