NHL Stripes A Team Of Their First Round Pick

Published November 1, 2023 at 3:04 PM
The 2022 NHL Trade Deadline witnessed a dramatic turn of events when the Vegas Golden Knights attempted to trade Evgeni Dadonov to the Anaheim Ducks, only to see the deal vetoed. This situation left many bewildered, and Dadonov himself was clearly caught off guard.

Subsequently, it became evident that upon Dadonov's acquisition from the Ottawa Senators, the team overlooked his submitted No Trade List. The consequences of this oversight have now been unveiled.

Esteemed hockey analyst Elliotte Friedman brought to light over the weekend that the Ottawa Senators would be facing substantial penalties for their role in the aborted 2022 trade involving Evgeni Dadonov.

Today, the extent of the punishment has been disclosed. Ottawa is set to forfeit a first-round pick in one of the next three drafts of their choosing, as a consequence of their involvement in the disrupted trade.

This penalty is undeniably severe and will undoubtedly add to the Senators' challenges in maintaining their competitiveness. There is widespread speculation that this punitive measure may ultimately result in the removal of Pierre Dorion from his position within the organization.

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NHL Stripes A Team Of Their First Round Pick

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