Controversy Stirs as Flyers Mascot Shares Unexpected Tattoo Mishap

Published August 29, 2023 at 3:48 PM

In a summer tradition where hockey players often update their tattoo collections, an unexpected twist emerged. The Philadelphia Flyers' cherished mascot, Gritty, decided to jump on the ink bandwagon.

Gritty took to Twitter recently to showcase his tattoo escapade. Unfortunately, the ink venture didn't go as planned, resulting in a rather humorous "No Ragrets" moment.

it was supposed to say GRITTY

it says GIRTHY

Amidst light-hearted reactions, concerns bubbled up about the influence on younger fans. Some joined in the playful banter surrounding the situation.

I'm sorry to keep tweeting about it, but I'm kinda fascinated now. Someone on the Flyers' socials team must have suggested giving Gritty a tattoo, and instead of 'Gritty,' they misspelled it as 'Girthy.' Comcast must've given the green light. They probably had email chains about this.

I'm picturing a board meeting with a grand presentation that asks, "What should Gritty do today?" And they go around the table: "Eat a cheesesteak :-)" "Hula hoop at Love Park" "Get a big stomach tattoo that says GIRTHY" "Take a drive down the shore."

The anticipation now centers on whether Girthy will proudly reveal his tattoo blunder during the season opener in October.

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Controversy Stirs as Flyers Mascot Shares Unexpected Tattoo Mishap

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