BREAKING - Gudas Uncovers Factors Deterring Players From Joining the Maple Leafs

Published August 8, 2023 at 3:39 PM

Radko Gudas's unexpected move to the Anaheim Ducks, bypassing Canadian contenders including the Maple Leafs, Flames, and Oilers, has raised eyebrows and can be attributed to a unique blend of influential factors.

Notably, Gudas did not shy away from sharing his reservations about Canada, highlighting the intense media focus and the nation's high taxation rates for top earners, factors that steered him towards locales like California.

Canada's tax burden starts above fifty percent. It's a trend mirrored in California, which carries taxes thirteen percent higher than those in Florida,
Gudas candidly revealed.

His decision also hinged on his appreciation for the role and climate that Anaheim offers. This choice underscores the increasing role of both financial and non-hockey considerations in players' decision-making processes, potentially impacting their eagerness to embrace opportunities in Canada.

When it came down to choosing between destinations like Calgary, Edmonton, and the sunnier Anaheim, the latter's appeal was undeniable. It extended beyond weather, encompassing the role within the team, their expectations of me, and, of course, the financial aspect,
Gudas elaborated.

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BREAKING - Gudas Uncovers Factors Deterring Players From Joining the Maple Leafs

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