Camera Catches Maple Leafs Goalie Losing His Cool at Practice

Published May 6, 2023 at 4:48 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are experiencing the same shock the Bruins faced in the opening round, as they're unexpectedly down 2-0 against the Panthers in the second round.

Florida's success against the Maple Leafs mirrors their triumph over Boston, primarily due to capitalizing on their opponent's turnovers and the exceptional goaltending of former Vezina-winner Sergei Bobrovsky.

Frustration Flares Up

Meanwhile, Toronto's goalie Ilya Samsonov seems to be having a tough time in the series. His frustration was apparent during Saturday morning's practice when cameras captured him venting after conceding a goal.

Take a look:

This display of emotion followed Samsonov's expletive-laden comments after Toronto's game two home loss when asked about his counterpart's outstanding performance against the Leafs so far.

Comparing the two goalies' stats, Samsonov has a 3.67 GAA and a .877 SV% through the first two games of the series, while Bobrovsky boasts a 2.01 GAA and a .944 SV%.

As read on Bruins Insider - Tensions Run High for Maple Leafs as Goalie Shows Frustration at Practice.
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Camera Catches Maple Leafs Goalie Losing His Cool at Practice

How will the Toronto-Florida series end?

FLA in 4-55258.4 %
FLA in 6-72224.7 %
Leafs in 666.7 %
Leafs in 7910.1 %
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