Fans Need To Realize This Fan Favourite Was Never Re-Signing In Boston

Austin Sabourin
September 22, 2023  (10:52 PM)

When will some Bruins fans let go of their Don Sweeney blame for Tyler Bertuzzi's departure?

In a recent off-the-record conversation with Boston Hockey Now, an NHL executive source shared that some fans unfairly criticize Sweeney for Bertuzzi signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
«Those fans simply don't like Sweeney because their agenda continues to be proven false,» the source explained. «I can tell you it's a fact that Bertuzzi never intended on signing an extension with the Red Wings before they traded him. That's why they dealt him. Then, when he went to the Bruins, his agent made it clear Bertuzzi was set on testing the market. If the Bruins could match the market value, then maybe he'd stay, but I'm pretty sure that ship sailed when they got bounced by Florida, and then the writing was on the wall with [Patrice] Bergeron and [David] Krejci expected to retire (which they did). Bertuzzi and his agent wanted to go to market, but they misread it. Only then did they decide to give the Bruins a real chance, but it was too late.»

Even Bertuzzi's agent, Todd Reynolds, confirmed in an ESPN interview on July 2 that the Bruins were no longer an option as they turned down the Bruins' final offer in pursuit of a longer contract. When that didn't pan out on the open market, they circled back to Sweeney, but he had already filled his roster with five one-way contracts.
Tyler Bertuzzi himself supported this narrative on Monday.
«There were a lot of one-year deals out there, and I wanted to be at a place where winning was at the top of [our list], our biggest goal, and I know the team has the best chance to make it a long way [in the playoffs], hopefully, and our end goal is to win the Cup It's close to home, too,» Bertuzzi told the media in Toronto.

«[Last year] was my first taste of playoff hockey. That was another reason [why I signed here]. It's the best time of year and it's a lot of fun to play in those situations, and to get a feel for that, I wanted to be back in it and continue to be in it every year I'm excited.»

Now, fans should consider directing their frustration at Bertuzzi, not Sweeney, given the facts. Bertuzzi, who initially planned to leave the Bruins, signed with a historic Original 6 rival. It might be Bertuzzi, not Sweeney, facing boos when he hits the ice at TD Garden this season.
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Fans Need To Realize This Fan Favourite Was Never Re-Signing In Boston

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