Former Leaf Reveals The Real Reason Why No One Wants To Play In Toronto

Published October 28, 2023 at 11:34 PM
Over the summer, a sense of disappointment swept through the Toronto fan base when news broke that seasoned forward Ryan O'Reilly wouldn't be returning to the Maple Leafs, despite his stellar playoff performance. This naturally ignited a wave of curiosity regarding his departure, fueling speculations about the intense Toronto market.

However, during a recent Saturday encounter, as O'Reilly prepared to face the Maple Leafs as part of the Nashville Predators, he openly acknowledged that the Toronto market had played a role in his decision, though he downplayed its magnitude.

"I don't think it played as big a part as people thought," O'Reilly confessed, remarking, "I think it got exaggerated a bit. There were various other factors that influenced my choice."

He went on to express his appreciation for the chance to lead a quieter life in Nashville, where he can enjoy a lower profile and spend quality time with his family, particularly his children, at this stage in his career.

While O'Reilly admitted to the impact of the Toronto market on his decision, he also emphasized that it's a factor that makes playing in Toronto truly special, highlighting the passion, extensive media coverage, and the city's reputation as the hockey Mecca.

Although O'Reilly hinted at other considerations in his decision, he refrained from going into specifics. Nevertheless, his acknowledgment of the Toronto market's influence raises questions about the extent to which it factored into his choice.

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Former Leaf Reveals The Real Reason Why No One Wants To Play In Toronto

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