NHL commissioner helping out the Leafs

Published May 21, 2023 at 12:33

Maple Leafs Unite Bettman and Shanahan

The Maple Leafs' search for a new GM has forged an unexpected alliance within the organization.

Bettman and Shanahan Team Up

Brendan Shanahan has turned to Gary Bettman for assistance in finding a new GM, a shrewd move recognizing Bettman's extensive NHL network.

With their GM wish list in mind, Bettman brings invaluable expertise to identify the ideal candidate for the Leafs. Moreover, he may introduce candidates previously overlooked by the Leafs.

Candidates Catching Bettman's Eye

Among the strong contenders for the Leafs' GM role, three individuals stand out.

Firstly, Brad Treliving, the former Flames GM, continues to be a top contender for multiple teams and is poised to secure an NHL position next season.

Another noteworthy candidate is Eric Tulsky, the Hurricanes' Assistant GM. Tulsky is widely respected as an emerging industry talent, particularly in pioneering advanced analytics within the NHL.

Lastly, Brandon Pridham, the current acting GM for the Leafs, presents a compelling case. Should Pridham excel as the Assistant GM during this interim period, the Leafs' ownership may see him as the long-awaited solution.

As they navigate this critical decision, the combined insights of Bettman and Shanahan provide the Maple Leafs with a valuable edge in their pursuit of a new GM
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